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In this issue of NOIR CITY, Eddie Muller's conversation with the FNF's 2018 "Modern Noir Master," James Ellroy, is certain to amuse and infuriate in equal measure—although we're betting die-hard noir fans will unequivocally appreciate this issue's inspired cover, a revisionist spin on the film adaptation of Ellroy's L.A. Confidential. (The cover art was created by FNF art director Michael Kronenberg from a concept by Eddie Muller.) In addition to Ellroy's patented brand of scurrilous discourse, you'll find reliably terrific essays from NOIR CITY's all-star lineup: Alan K. Rode on the career of screenwriter Bill Bowers; Jake Hinkson with a summertime take on "beach noir"; Imogen Smith on the noir-drenched oeuvre of Swedish filmmaker Hasse Ekman; Steve Kronenberg's profile of actor Albert Dekker; Vince Keenan's hilarious take on some fresh noir monkey business—and the usual stellar array of theatrical, Blu-ray and book reviews, including Farran Smith Nehme's interview with Rode about his acclaimed biography of Michael Curtiz. More than 100 pages of deep, dark noir goodness. VIEW THE ISSUE 24'S TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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NOIR CITY Annual #9

It just keeps getting better! 2017's NOIR CITY Annual 9, the best of the best from 2016's exciting NOIR CITY e-magazine, is a must-have for your growing Annual collectionessays, interviews, profiles, tributes, and reviews of classic and modern noir films from writers at the top of their gameImogen Sara Smith, Vince Keenan, Brian Light, Jake Hinkson, Martyn Waites, Johnny Shaw, and Eddie Muller, including Eddie's essay on the making of The Murderers Are Among Us. Book layout and design by Michael Kronenberg. And, as with any purchase from the FNF, when you purchase NOIR CITY Annual 9, you'll be helping fund the non-profit foundation's restoration efforts. → Now available for purchase on

NOIR CITY E-mag Excerpts


Andrew and Virginiia Stone: Noir to the Bone

Gary Deane explores the film noir oeuvre of the husband and wife independent filmmaking team from Highway 301 (1950) to Ring of Fire (1961). READ

Eyes without a Face: Poetry and Perdition

In this edition of the e-mag's regular feature NOIR OR NOT, Steve Kronenberg argues that the hauntingly beautiful French horror allegory Eyes without a Face is indeed film noir. READ

Silent Noir: The Informer


Monica Nolan delves into the first adaptation of Liam O'Flaherty's 1925 novel of Irish revolutionary Infighting, later overshadowed by John Ford's Oscar-winning 1935 film of the same name. READ

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