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NOIR CITY Comes to Bean Town

We are delighted to be teaming up with Boston's legendary repertory cinema, The Brattle, to present the first ever NOIR CITY Boston, June 8-10. Ten films culled from the original film noir era will be screened as they were for their original releases, in double features that pair a top-tier studio "A" with a shorter, low- budget second feature, or "B" film. The line-up includes iconic noirs like Stuart Heisler's adaptation of Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key (1942) starring Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake and Robert Siodmak's The Killers (1946) with Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner. The series will also present rarely screened gems like Joseph Pevney's gritty newspaper noir Shakedown (1950) featuring three noir tough guys, Howard Duff, Brian Donlevy and Lawrence Tierney. Two of the FNF's 35mm restorations will also screen during the festival, John Reinhardt's The Guilty (1948), based on a Cornell Woolrich story, and Cy Endfield's Try and Get Me! (1950) staring Frank Lovejoy and Lloyd Bridges. FNF founder and president Eddie Muller will be on hand all weekend to guide attendees through the blind alleys of NOIR CITY. Visit the Brattle's website for the full line-up, program notes and to buy advanced tickets.


NOIR CITY Boston: June 8-10, 2018
NOIR CITY Chicago: August 17-23, 2018
NOIR CITY Detroit: September 22-23, 2018
NOIR CITY D.C: October 12-25, 2018
NOIR CITY XMAS (San Francisco): Dec. 19,2018
NOIR CITY 17 (San Francisco): Jan.25-Feb 3, 2019

From Photography to Film Noir

Stanley Kubrick - Through a Different Lens

In conjunction with their current exhibition, Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs,the Public Programs Department at the Museum of the City of New York will screen Jules Dassin's The Naked City (1948) on Thursday, August 2 at 8:00 pm. What is the connection to Kubrick? He took photos during the film's production for an unpublished feature and the experience sparked his interest in filmmaking. In this groundbreaking police procedural filmed largely on the streets of New York, Barry Fitzgerald portrays a compassionate cop on the trail of a murderer. Author, filmmaker, and architect James Sanders will introduce the screening. You can buy tickets for the screening online. Use the discount code KUBRICK at checkout to receive the FNF supporter's discount-the same discount that MCNY members receive! [Photo:Stanley Kubrick on the set of Jules Dassin's Naked City for Look Magazine, 1948]

Latest FNF Rescue: The Man Who Cheated Himself

The Man Who Cheated Himself

The Man Who Cheated Himself, an independently made noir thriller from 1950, is the latest preservation project of the Film Noir Foundation. The restored film had its world premiere in San Francisco at NOIR CITY 16 in January, fittingly as the film was shot in location in the City by the Bay. The Felix Feist-directed feature, which concerns a cop entangled with a cunning socialite who murders her husband, will play the NOIR CITY festival circuit throughout 2018.

20th Century–Fox, the film's original distributor, provided an original fine-grain from its vault as the essential restoration element, and UCLA's Head of Restoration, Scott Mac-Queen, oversaw the project—which for the first time includes restoration of the film's original trailer, as well. The Felix Feist-directed feature, which concerns a cop entangled with a cunning socialite who murders her husband, will play the NOIR CITY circuit in 2018.

A June 23 screening of the film on TCM's Noir Alley hosted by Muller, will be followed by Flicker Alley's release of the film on Blu-ray, with special features produced by the FNF. In addition to The Man Who Cheated Himself, NOIR CITY patrons and FNF donors have made it possible over the years for the FNF to restore Los tallos amargos (1956), Cry Danger (1951), The Prowler (1951), Try and Get Me! (1951), Repeat Performance (1947), High Tide (1947), Too Late for Tears (1949), The Guilty (1947) and Woman on the Run (1950), as well as funding our many 35mm preservations. DONATE HERE and be a film noir savior.

The 2018 Nancy Mysel Legacy Grant Winner Announced

The Film Noir Foundation is proud to announce the recipient of this year's $5,000 FNF/Nancy Mysel Legacy Grant —Shahed Dowlatshahi of New York University - Masters of Arts in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program. + READ MORE

From the Collection of
Eddie Muller

Belgian NoirThe WORLD OF FILM NOIR was created in black and white, but its intrigue and passion was sold worldwide by movie posters -- in vivid color -- that enticed audiences into this sinister and sensual demimonde. Nowhere on earth was the come-on more colorful than in Belgium, where the nation's standardly sized posters (a mere 14" x 22") virtually exploded with the danger and desire at the heart of cinema's most alluring and durable genre. Small posters from a small country--but packed with more lust and larceny than Hollywood would dare.

NOW, EXCLUSIVELY FROM BLACK POOL PRODUCTIONS—Eddie Muller, "The Czar of Noir," presents 24 glorious Belgian cinema posters from his personal collection, reproduced as 5-1/4" x 7" cards, each complete with his terse and tangy commentary highlighting what made these films—and this artwork--so magical and memorable. $20 + tax/shipping at

Don't Print the Legend

Gun Crazy - Eddie MullerGun Crazy caused barely a ripple in public consciousness when it hit movie screens in 1950. Yet over time it would prove to be the most innovative and provocative motion picture of its era—a simple genre film, but packed with so much cinematic bravura and timeless symbolism, its power has spanned decades, crossed oceans, and influenced countless filmmakers.

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FNF Co-presenting Silent Noir at SFSFF

We are proud to be co-presenting with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival 1933's Policeman (Keisatsukan), with live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne and Frank Bockius, on Friday, June 1, 9:30 PM at the Castro Theatre. One of the few surviving pre-WWII works of Tomu Uchida, the film reveals the Japanese director's astonishing range. The stylish crime drama, melding the reflective pace of traditional Japanese cinema with explosive eruptions of action, tells a gripping story of two childhood friends who end up on opposite sides of the law. FNF prez Eddie Muller will introduce the screening. Print courtesy of the National Film Archive of Japan. Special support provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Co-presented by the Film Noir Foundation and the Center for Asian American Media. Tickets for the screening are available for sale on the SFSFF's website. Use the promo code FLMNR at checkout to receive the FNF supporter's discount.

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Noir and Neo-Noir news

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Contributors include syndicated newspaper columnist Sean Axmaker; the East Bay Express' chief film reviewer Kelly Vance and Nathalie Atkinson, a columnist for The Globe and Mail and the creator and host of the popular film series Designing the Movies.

French Noir Returns to the Roxie

Andree Clement in French noir at the Roxie July 26Hungering for the return of the Gallic film noir series THE FRENCH HAD A NAME FOR IT in November? Enjoy an amuse-bouche on Thursday July 26 when Midcentury Productions presents a MIDSUMMER NIGHTMARE at San Francisco's Roxie Theatre. The double bill of two 1946 French produced noirs will salute actress Andrée Clément, whom Midcentury executive director Don Malcom dubbed "the first 'Goth girl' for her modern look, her intensity and her unique mingling of darkness and innocence." La fille du diable (Devil's Daughter) and Macadam (The Back Streets of Paris) comprise the evening's entertainment. In the former, Clément plays a small town girl who masterminds a group of thugs while finding herself embroiled in a love triangle with the mobster (Pierre Fresnay) she admires and the town consul (Fernand Ledoux) who is blackmailing him into good behavior. In the latter, she portrays the sympathetic daughter of a ruthless hotelkeeper (Françoise Rosay) whose crime-ridden establishment is located in Paris' disreputable Montmartre district. Tickets are available to purchase on the Midcentury website.

Castle Noir

Křivoklát Castle

Noir Film Festival will return for its sixth edition August 23-26 to its breathtaking home, the majestic 12th century Křivoklát Castle, about 100km outside Prague in the Czech Republic. The festival includes multiple series with in the festival, including tributes to noir icons Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan, as well as celebrating the career of film director and festival patron Hynek Bočan who turned 80 this year. Programmers Jana Bébarová and Milan Hain have selected rarely screened 1940s and 50s films from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland for the Nordic Noir series. The Prison Noir series will include films about both men and women behind bars: Don Siegel's Riot Cell Block 11 (1954), Jules Dassin's Brute Force (1947), John Cromwell's Caged (1950), and Robert Wise's I Want to Live! (1958). The complete NFF 2018 program will be announced on the festival's English language webpage in June.


Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist, with Tom Doherty

NoirTalk podcastBrandeis professor Tom Doherty joins NOIR TALK producer/host Haggai Elitzur to discuss his new book about the 1947 Congressional hearings that led directly to Hollywood's anti-Communist blacklist. Their discussion covers the perspectives and strategies adopted by each of the main factions from Hollywood who were involved in the 1947 hearings. As well as delving into how the end of the hearings led rapidly to the blacklist; the role that film noir played in smuggling what may have been considered subversive content into movies of the time; and a story about one of the last surviving people who was directly involved in the hearings, Marsha Hunt.You can listen either on SoundCloud or on iTunes.


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