Film Noir and Neo Noir on TCM: November 2018

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Friday, Nov 2, 7:15 AM—11:45 AM

Duplicitous Blondes Double Bill

7:15 AM

STAGE FRIGHT (1950): Jane Wyman maybe the star of the film, but Marlene Dietrich walks away with it. Wyman plays a mousey RADA student out to clear her crush, Jonathan (Richard Todd) suspected of murdering the husband of a glamorous actress-singer (Dietrich). Things get complicated when she falls for the detective, "Ordinary" Smith (Michael Wilding) who is searching for Jonathan. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

9:15 AM

DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944): Barbara Stanwyck—in a platinum blonde wig—plays Phyllis Dietrichson—the consummate femme fatale who lures insurance salesman and all-around chump Walter Neff (Fred McMurray) into a plot involving murder and insurance fraud. His friend, and insurance adjuster, Barton Keyes (Edward G. Robinson) smells a rat. Nominated for seven Oscars: Best Actress in a Leading Role; Best Cinematography, Black-and-White; Best Director; Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture; Best Picture; Best Sound, Recording; and Best Writing, Screenplay. Dir. Billy Wilder

Saturday, November 3, 9:00 AM

PANIC IN THE STREETS (1950): A policeman (Paul Douglas) and a doctor (Richard Widmark) race against time to find two gun-happy hoodlums (Zero Mostel and Jack Palance) who are somewhere in the streets of New Orleans carrying the pneumonic plague. Score by Alfred Newman and cinematography by Joseph MacDonald. Director: Elia Kazan


Saturday, November 3, 9:15 PM &
Sunday, November 4, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THE SNIPER (1952): San Francisco is the backdrop for one of the first movies about a modern serial killer. Decades before such stories became commonplace, husband and wife writers Edna and Edward Anhalt researched dozens of actual cases to create this psychological "exposé" of a murderous misfit who wants to be caught, but finds it too easy to slip into the margins of a bustling post-WWII metropolis. Arthur Franz gives an edgy performance as the psychologically scarred sniper, whose murderous trail leads viewers on a fascinating tour of mid-century San Francisco, from Pacific Heights through the back alleys of North Beach to the once-industrial China Basin. Noir siren Marie Windsor gives a small but memorable performance as the sniper's first victim. Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Tuesday, November 6, 11:30 AM

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940): An American reporter (Joel McCrea) covering the war in Europe gets mixed up in the assassination of a Dutch diplomat which leads to his uncovering a political conspiracy with the aid of the daughter (Laraine Day) of a prominent politician (Herbert Marshall) and a chap named ffolliott "with two small 'f's" (George Sanders), his rival for the girl's affection. This tremendously entertaining film features several vintage Hitchcock set pieces. The film was nominated for six Oscars. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Tuesday, November 6, 10:15 PM

GASLIGHT (1944): A newlywed (Ingrid Bergman) fears she's going mad when strange things start happening at the family mansion where her aunt was murdered ten years earlier. Joseph Cotten stars as the handsome stranger who aids her. Charles Boyer stars as the handsome husband who terrorizes her. Angela Lansbury plays the pretty maid who may be in league with Boyer. Based on Patrirck Hamilton's Angel Street. The film won two Oscars, Best Actress in a Leading Role for Ingrid Bergman and Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-White for Cedric Gibbons, William Ferrari, Edwin B. Willis, Paul Huldschinsky, and earned five more nominations. Dir. George Cukor

Wednesday, November 7, 6:45 AM

HARD, FAST, AND BEAUTIFUL (1951): "Hard, Fast and Beautiful" foresaw our modern era of big-time women's sports – and of driven parents who would stop at nothing to "help" their daughters grab the golden ring. Sally Forrest plays Florence, who finds athletic success but not happiness. Claire Trevor seethes with barely concealed malice and greed as Milly. And behind the camera is movie star Ida Lupino, guiding one of a series of low-budget, big-concept films that established her as a rarity in mid-century Hollywood: a successful and stylish female director. Dir. Ida Lupino

Wednesday, November 7, 11:45 AM

OUTRAGE (1950): In this hybrid of social-commentary and noir, director Ida Lupino sympathetically explores a young woman's emotional and social struggles after being raped. Dir. Ida Lupino


Saturday, November 10, 9:00 PM &
Sunday, November 11, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THE THREAT (1949): Charles McGraw, the toughest man in noir, runs wild as a vengeful ex-con who breaks out of prison and kidnaps everyone who's ever done him wrong in this brutal, violent thriller. With Virginia Grey and Michael O'Shea. Dir. Felix Feist

Monday, November 12, 1:30 PM

JOHNNY EAGER (1942): A handsome racketeer (Robert Taylor) seduces the D.A.'s daughter (Lana Turner) for revenge, but then falls in love with her. Edward Arnold plays the D.A. Sharp eyed viewers will recognize this as one of the films used in Carl Reiner's noir parody Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982). Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

Tuesday, November 13, 12:15 PM

THE HONEYMOON KILLERS (1970): Con man Raymond Fernandez (Tony Lo Bianco) who seduces women steals their money and then abandons them meets his match when he tries his routine on Martha Beck (Shirley Stoler). She proves a master of manipulation and soon exerts an intense emotional control over him. She poses as his sister as he marries and defrauds a series of women; the pair eventually begins murdering their victims. Seems farfetched? The story is based on a real couple "The Lonely Hearts Killers" who operated in the 40s and were actually more ruthless. Dir. Leonard Kastle

Thursday, November 15, 9:00 AM

LURED (1947): In this period noir, Scotland Yard enlists the help of brassy American dancer Sandra (Lucille Ball) to find and trap the serial killer responsible for her friend's murder. The victim was quitting the dance hall because she was going off with a man she met through a personal advertisement. Through the personals, Sandra meets an eccentric artist (Boris Karloff) and a charming playboy (George Sanders). Is one of them the killer? Dir. Douglas Sirk

Thursday, November 15, 6:30 PM

KIND LADY (1951): In this period noir, Ethel Barrymore stars as a wealthy art collector who takes in a young painter and his ill wife. When another couple shows up, things get ugly and she finds herself held captive in her own home. Dir. John Sturges

Saturday, November 17, 9:00 AM

20,000 YEARS IN SING SING (1932): Racketeer Tommy Connors (Spenser Tracy) enters prison expecting everyone to play by his rules, cons and guards alike. The incorruptible and reformed minded warden determines to make Tommy a better man. Meanwhile on the outside, Tommy's girl Fay (Bette Davis) finds herself in over her head when she befriends Tommy's lawyer Joe Finn (Louis Calhern). Dir. Michael Curtiz


Saturday, November 17, 9:00 PM &
Sunday, November 18, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1944): This almost seems like a trail run for Fritz Lang's noir classic Scarlet Street (1945) - same stars, same bad guy, same director and a similar storyline. A mild mannered professor (Edward G. Robinson) meets a beautiful young woman (Joan Bennett) by chance and soon finds himself caught in web of murder and blackmail. Dan Duryea (who else?) co-stars as a very sleazy private detective. Dir. Fritz Lang

Saturday, November 17, 11:00 PM

THE SEVEN-UPS (1973): Roy Scheider stars as Buddy, one of a band of elite but ruthless cops called The Seven-Ups, in this 70s neo-noir. When his partner gets killed he discovers a criminal conspiracy to kidnap mobsters and a mole in their group. Dir: Philip D'Antoni

Sunday, November 18, 7:00 AM

HIGH WALL (1947): Quintessential postwar noir! Brain-damaged vet Robert Taylor confesses to murdering his unfaithful wife and is sentenced to a sanitarium. His doctor (sexy Audrey Totter) gradually realizes he might not be guilty. Taylor gives his best performance ever in this neglected gem, which glistens with director Curtis Bernhardt's feverish rain-soaked noirscapes. Dir. Curtis Bernhardt


Saturday, November 24, 9:45 PM &
Sunday, November 25, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THE KILLING (1956): The best laid plans… Ex-con Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) masterminds a racetrack heist. Instead of securing the two million dollar take, his gang's emotional entanglements bring disaster. In a quintessential piece of noir casting, Marie Windsor plays the treacherous wife of Elisha Cook, Jr. Dir. Stanley Kubrick

Sunday, November 25, 4:45 PM

BACKGROUND TO DANGER (1943): An American (George Raft) gets caught up in wartime action in Turkey. Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre add to the fun. A little piece of trivia, Raft had an earlier chance to act with that duo; he turned down first dibs on John Huston's The Maltese Falcon (1939) and Michael Curtiz's Casablanca (1942). He also turned down an earlier chance to work with director Raoul Walsh on High Sierra (1941). What might have happened? Dir. Raoul Walsh

Sunday, November 25, 8:45 PM

ACROSS THE PACIFIC (1942) : The cast and director of The Maltese Falcon reunited to make this breezy espionage thriller about an American agent, Humphrey Bogart, who tries to keep Axis spies from blowing up the Panama Canal. The all-time greatest Chinese-American character actor, Keye Luke, has the distinction of wearing the most hideously garish suit in the history of Hollywood cinema. Co-stars Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet add to the fun. Dir. John Huston

Wed., Nov 28, 3:00 AM —5:00 PM

Birthday Salute to
Gloria Grahame

Here are the noirs...

3:00 AM

SONG OF THE THIN MAN (1947): This was the last outing for Nick (William Powell), Nora (Myrna Loy) and Asta Charles, they investigate the shooting of a band leader in New York. Gloria Grahame plays a sultry jazz singer whose romantic missteps lead to death, another foreshadowing of her career in noir. Dir. Edward Buzzell

12:00 PM

A WOMAN'S SECRET (1949): In this woman's picture mixed with humor and some noir elements Gloria Grahame plays the ditzy but sly singer Esterllita who is shot at the opening of the film, presumably by her agent and mentor Marian (Maureen O'Hara). The police arrest Marian. But did she do it? The film employs a series of flashbacks to portray the events leading up to the crime prior to the resolution of the mystery. Director Ray and Grahame would later marry and work together on the seminal film noir, In a Lonely Place (1950). Dir. Nicholas Ray

3:30 PM

CROSSFIRE (1947): In this seminal noir, an upright district attorney (Robert Young) investigates a seemingly motiveless murder. As he digs further the prime suspect (George Cooper) seems less and less likely to have done it and an ugly motivation begins to appear. Robert Mitchum and Robert Ryan play a couple of GIs caught up in the case, one trying to clear the suspect and the other trying to frame him. Gloria Grahame earned a best supporting actress nomination for her role as an embittered taxi dancer. Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Wednesday, Nov 28, 5:00 PM — Thursday, November 29, 5:00 PM

TCM Salutes Jane Russell

Here are the noirs...

7:15 PM

HIS KIND OF WOMAN (1951): In this self-parodying noir, Robert Mitchum plays a drifter who accepts an offer for a job in Mexico that proves to be too good to be true. A beautiful singer posing as an heiress (Jane Russell) and the target of her con, a hammy Hollywood actor (Vincent Price), complicate matters for him. Dir. John Farrow

11:30 PM

THE LAS VEGAS STORY (1952): Newlyweds (real life buddies Jane Russell and Vincent Price) stop off in Las Vegas, the bride's old stomping grounds, against her wishes. Trouble ensues, and the pair finds themselves in the middle of a murder investigation headed by her old flame (Victor Mature). Dir. Robert Stevenson

Thursday, November 29, 9:30 AM

OBSESSION (1949): In this Brit noir (aka The Hidden Room), directed by the recently blacklisted noir auteur Edward Dmytryk, cuckolded psychiatrist Dr. Clive Riordan (Robert Newton) goes the extra mile to punish his cheating spouse (Sally Gray). He abducts his wife's lover (Phil Brown) planning to eventually treat him to an acid bath. Scotland Yard Superintendent Finsbury (Naunton Wayne) and his wife's dog throw a spanner in the works. Adapted by Alec Coppel from his suspense play A Man About a Dog. Dir. Edward Dmytryk

Thursday, November 29, 9:15 PM

THE BIG HEAT (1953): In this seminal noir, a police detective (Glenn Ford) whose wife was killed by the mob teams with a gangster's moll (Gloria Grahame) to bring down a powerful racketeer (Alexander Scourby). Lee Marvin steals the film as Grahame's abusive boyfriend and eventual object of her revenge. Dir. Fritz Lang

Marlene Dietrich and Richard Todd star in Stage Fright November 2

Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity on November 2

Artist Robert Mitchum + model Laraine Day in The Locket on November 2

Jack Palance in Elia Kazan's Panic in the Streets on November 3

Eddie Muller presents The Sniper on NOIR ALLEY November 3 and 4

Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent screens November 6

Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight on November 6

Hard, Fast, and Beautiful by director Ida Lupino on November 7

Mala Powers in director Ida Lupino's Outrage on November 7

Eddie Muller presents The Threat on NOIR ALLEY November 10 and 11

Lana Turner and Robert Taylor in Johnny Eager on November 12

Cult classic The Honeymoon Killers on November 13

Lucille Ball and George Sanders in Lured on November 15

Ethel Barrymore and Angela Lansbury in Kind Lady on November 15

Spencer Tracy stars in 20,000 Years in Sing Sing November 17

Eddie Muller presents The Woman in the Window on NOIR ALLEY November 17 and 18

Roy Scheider in The Seven-Ups on November 17

High Wall with Andrey Totter and Robert Taylor on November 18

Eddie Muller presents The Killing starring Sterling Hayden on November 25

Peter Lorre and George Raft in Background to Danger on November 25

Director Nicholas Ray's A Woman's Secret on November 28

Blacklisted director Edward Dmytryk's Crossfire on November 28

Vincent Price and Jane Russell in The Las Vegas Story on November 28

Brit-noir The Hidden Room starring Robert Newton on November 29

Gloria Grahame stars in The Big Heat November 29


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