Film Noir and Neo Noir on TCM: October 2018

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Tuesday, Oct 2, 8:00 AM—11:45 AM

Murder in the Big Apple

8:00 AM

EAST SIDE WEST SIDE (1949): Wealthy and married Jessie Bourne (Barbara Stanwyck) finds herself attracted to ex-police officer turned author Mark Dwyer, but wants to remain loyal to her husband (James Mason). Unfortunately he's playing around with his ex-flame Isabel (Ava Gardner). Isabel tells Jessie that she has every attention of taking away her husband. Then Isabel winds up dead and Jessie falls under suspicion for the murder. Low rent noir goddess Beverly Michaels does a wonderful turn a trashy gun moll in a small but pivotal role. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

10:00 AM

THE THIN MAN (1934): Dashiell Hammett's urbane but fun loving sleuths Nick and Nora Charles, along with their pup Asta, investigate the disappearance of an inventor in this classic blend of laughs and suspense. Shot in just two weeks by director Woody "One-Shot'' Van Dyke and cinematographer James Wong Howe, this gem set the gold standard for the sophisticated comedy—inspiring five sequels as well as countless inferior imitations. Van Dyke previously directed Myrna Loy and William Powell in Manhattan Melodrama and spotted the terrific chemistry of their off screen banter between takes. He insisted on casting the pair as Hammett's hard-drinking super-couple and the glamorous pair became one of the movies' great romantic teams. Shot by the legendary cinematographer James Wong Howe. The film garnered four Oscar nominations, Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role for Powell, Best Director for W.S. Van Dyke Best Writing, Adaptation for Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Dir. Woody Van Dyke


Saturday, October 6, 9:00 PM &
Sunday, October 7, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW (1959): Desperation forces a racist ex-con, the always great and always scary Robert Ryan, and a black gambler (Harry Belafonte) to plan a bank robbery together. Loads of tension ensues. Gloria Grahame and Shelly Winters co-star. Dir. Robert Wise

Monday, October 8, 12:45 AM

PURPLE NOON (1960): This lush adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's renowned crime novel The Talented Mr. Ripley stars a young and extremely handsome Alain Delon as the titular character. Dir. René Clément

Monday, Oct 8, 9:00 PM —1:00 AM

Gender Flipping Noir

9:00 PM

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951): Childlike but charming psychopath Bruno (Robert Walker) suggests that he and Guy (Farley Granger), a tennis player with political ambitions, crisscross murders. Unfortunately, Guy realizes too late that Bruno wasn't joking. Guy's unwanted wife shows up murdered and he has no alibi. Screenplay by Raymond Chandler and Czenzi Ormonde. D.P. Robert Burks' outstanding work earned an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography, Black-and-White. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

11:00 PM

ONCE YOU KISS A STRANGER (1969): This late era noir riffs on Alfred Hitchcock's adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train. Beautiful but psychotic Diana (Carol Lynley) seduces professional golfer Jerry (Paul Burke) and during their erotic encounter, she proposes that they swap murders—his golf opponent for her psychiatrist. He assumes she's joking. She's not. Dir. Robert Sparr

Tuesday, Oct 9, 5:00 PM —2:30 AM

TCM Salutes Rita Hayworth

Here are the noirs...

5:00 PM

GILDA (1946): A gambler (Glenn Ford) discovers an old flame (Rita Hayworth) in South America, but she's married to his new boss (George Macready), and… um… friend—homoerotic noir at its best! If that weren't enough, there's Hayworth's incredibly steamy rendition of "Put the Blame on Mame" Whoof! Dir. Charles Vidor

7:00 PM

LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1948): An Irish sailor (Orson Welles) gets caught between a corrupt tycoon (Everett Sloane) and his voluptuous wife (Rita Hayworth) and their plans to eliminate one another in this wonderfully convoluted noir. Pointless trivia: the sailboat used in the film belonged to Errol Flynn. Dir. Orson Welles

9:00 PM

DARK PASSAGE (1947): Adapted from a story by David Goodis, this noir follows convicted wife murderer Vincent Parry's (Humphrey Bogart) escape from jail and subsequent hunt for the real killer of his wife. Sympathetic stranger Irene (Lauren Bacall) encounters him during his jail break and aids him. Agnes Moorehead steals the show as Irene's shrewish friend who knew Vincent and his wife prior to the murder. Dir. Delmer Daves

Thursday, October 11, 3:45 AM

A CRY IN THE NIGHT (1956): A police captain's (Edmond O'Brien) emotions get in the way when his daughter (Natalie Wood) is kidnapped by a madman (Raymond Burr who else?). Brian Donlevy co-stars as the night shift Captain who tries to find her. Produced by Alan Ladd who is also the uncredited opening narrator. Dir. Frank Tuttle

Thursday, October 11, 6:45 AM

NOWHERE TO GO (1958): In this Brit noir, a con man (George Nader) on the run after escaping prison, holes up with an innocent English girl (Maggie Smith). He wants to recover the money from its hiding place, get a passport and go to Canada. His double crossing partner in crime has other plans. Dir. Seth Holt

Thursday, October 11, 11:30 AM

CRIME IN THE STREETS (1956): A social worker (James Whitmore) tries to redeem a juvenile delinquent (John Cassavetes) and finds himself trying to prevent a murder. Can he stop the kid from becoming another statistic? Dir. Don Siegel

Friday, October 12, 7:15 PM—11:15 PM

Parolee Blues

7:15 PM

STRAIGHT TIME (1978): Max Dembo (Dustin Hoffman) starts his parole with small dreams: get a job, maybe meet a woman, but those dreams are destined to be crushed by the system and his own nature, forcing him back into a life of crime. Based on a novel written by Eddie Bunker (Reservoir Dogs) while he was in stir, the tale demonstrates how difficult it can be to leave prison behind, even in the outside world. Hoffman's gritty turn is supported by an amazing cast, including Theresa Russell, M. Emmet Walsh, Harry Dean Stanton, Gary Busey, and Kathy Bates. Dir. Ulu Grosbard and Dustin Hoffman (uncredited)

9:30 PM

INVISIBLE STRIPES (1940): Clifford Taylor (George Raft) is paroled from Sing Sing, but is unable to shed the "invisible stripes" that cling to him as he tries to go straight. His fiancé dumps him, he's wrongly accused of a crime at work, his dopey brother threatens to break bad, and his old prison chum (Humphrey Bogart) gets out and offers him a life of lucrative crime. Will Taylor be able to keep on the straight and narrow? Dir. Lloyd Bacon

Saturday, October 13,11:15 AM

THE SEVENTH VICTIM (1943): A young woman (Kim Hunter) leaves school to investigate the disappearance of her beautiful and mysterious older sister (Jean Brooks). She finds out some interesting facts, one, her sister was married and two, she was part of a satanic set. The husband (Hugh Beaumont), a poet (Erford Gage) and a psychiatrist (Tom Conway) aid her search for the truth about her sister. Produced by horror icon Val Lewton. Dir. Mark Robson


Saturday, October 13, 9:30 PM &
Sunday, October 14, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

THE DAMNED DON'T CRY (1950): Fed up with her small-town marriage and life of drudgery, Ethel Whitehead (Joan Crawford) goes after the big time and by sleeping with a series of mafiasi. This fantastic film noir fable, a thinly-veiled version of the life story of gangster's moll Virginia Hill, is perhaps a truer depiction of the real Joan Crawford than Mommie Dearest (1981). Right up there with Mildred Pierce as one of Crawford's finest Warner Bros. melodramas. With Steve Cochran, Kent Smith, and veteran Joan-foil David Brian. Dir. Vincent Sherman

Sunday, October 14, 3:30 PM

BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK (1955): A one-armed veteran (Spencer Tracy) uncovers small-town secrets when he tries to visit an Asian-American war hero's family. Noir icon Robert Ryan shines as the bigoted boss of the town. This film earned 3 Oscar nominations: Spencer Tracy for Best Actor in a Leading Role; John Sturges for Best Director; and Best Writing, Screenplay for Millard Kaufman. Dir. John Sturges

Monday, October 22, 1:15 AM

A WOMAN'S FACE (1941): The soon to be queen of the noirs, Joan Crawford, starred in this suspenseful drama as a facially scarred blackmailer who's given a new outlook on life after plastic surgery. Can she adjust to a normal life and stop her ex-accomplice's nefarious plan to murder his nephew? Dir. George Cukor

Monday, Oct 22, 8:00 AM—11:15 AM

Joan Fontaine Noir
Double Bill

8:00 AM

BORN TO BE BAD (1950): An ambitious girl (Joan Fontaine) steals her cousin's (Joan Leslie) husband (Zachary Scott), but keeps her lover (Robert Ryan) on the side. No need to tell you that this won't end nicely. Dir. Nicholas Ray

9:45 AM

BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT (1956): At the behest of his future father-in law, newspaper editor Austin Spenser, Tom Garret (Dana Andrews)—a novelist and opponent of capital punishment—frames himself for the murder of a stripper to prove the fallibility of circumstantial evidence. The pair callously decides against taking Garret's fiancée (Joan Fontaine) into their confidence. Dir. Fritz Lang

Monday, October 22, 3:15 PM

SUSPICION (1941): A handsome gambler Johnny Aysgarth (Cary Grant) pursues the shy and wealthy Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine). He courts and marries her. After the honeymoon she discovers unsettling things about his character. She becomes increasingly suspicious of him when Johnny's friend and business partner, Beaky (Nigel Bruce) dies mysteriously. Based on Anthony Berkeley Cox's novel After the Fact. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock


Saturday, October 27, 9:00 PM &
Sunday, October 28, 7:00 AM

FNF Prez Eddie Muller presents

FOLLOW ME QUIETLY (1949): A plucky crime writer (Dorothy Patrick) and a tough cop (William Lundigan) hunt for The Judge, a mysterious serial killer who only strikes when it's raining. Legendary noir director Anthony Mann wrote it and worked (un-credited) as a director on it. Dir. Richard O. Fleischer

Monday, October 29, 1:00 AM

DIABOLIQUE (1955): In this twisting and turning French thriller, the wife (Vera Clouzot) and lover (Simone Signoret) of a sadistic headmaster (Paul Meurisse) plot to kill him. When American producer and schlock-master William Castle saw kids standing in line in the pouring rain to watch this film, he decided that making thrillers was the direction in which to take his independent film production career. Dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot

Monday, October 29, 4:45 AM

THE BAD SEED (1956): "What will you give me for a basket of kisses?" Based on the stage play adapted from the brilliant novel by William March, Army wife Christine (Nancy Kelly) suspects that her seemingly perfect little girl Rhoda (Patty McCormack) is a ruthless killer. Eileen Heckart shines in her Oscar nominated supporting role as the alcoholic mother of one of Rhoda's victims. This truly terrifying film will make you look twice at all cute little blonde girls. Kelly and McCormack as well as cinematographer Harold Rosson were nominated for Oscars as well as Heckart. Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

Monday, Oct 29, 10:15 AM —5:00 PM

Bette Davis Horrifying
Noir Triple Bill

10:15 AM

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (1962) A crazed, aging star (Bette Davis) torments her sister (Joan Crawford) in a decaying Hollywood mansion. This beautiful Hollywood gothic noir features a duet of superbly fearless performances by two legendary actresses. Nominated for five Oscars, but only one win, Best Costume Design, Black-and-White for Norma Koch Dir. Robert Aldrich

12:45 PM

HUSH… HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE (1964): Southern Gothic horror meets film noir in this tale of a possibly mad woman, Charlotte of the title, Bette Davis, who hopes that the arrival of her cousin, Olivia de Havilland, might mean an ally in her fight to keep the government from seizing her home. Charlotte's instability and isolation stem from the night 37 years before when someone beheaded her married lover. Dir: Robert Aldrich

3:15 PM

THE NANNY (1965): Before the studio exploded on the world cinematic stage with its legendary cycle of horror films mostly starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Hammer Studios produced a series of excellent, low budget thrillers, often featuring American stars on the wane. This is one of the best. Bette Davis plays the title character, an aging nanny now taking care of the children of her old charge. To be more accurate, looking after the one remaining child, Bobby, recently released from a home for disturbed children, who claims Nanny was responsible for his sister's drowning two years ago. Too bad no one believes him. Dir. Seth Holt

Wednesday, October 31, 3:00 PM

DEAD OF NIGHT (1945): In this noir stained horror anthology, predestination takes on Woolrichian proportions. Michael Redgrave started the whole evil ventriloquist trope with his masterful segment. This is not strictly a noir, but is a brilliant film, so please watch it. Dir. Alberto Cavalcanti

Barbara Stanwyck and Van Heflin in East Side West Side on October 2

Myrna Loy and Asta in The Thin Man on October 2

Eddie Muller presents Odds against Tomorrow October 6 and 7 on NOIR ALLEY

Alain Delon in Purple Noon, René Clément's adaptation of The Talented Mr. Ripley

Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train screens October 8

Robert Sparr's 1969 adaptation of Strangers on a Train on October 9

Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in Gilda October 9

On the set of A Cry in the Night screening October 11

Maggie Smith and George Nader in Nowhere To Go on October 11

John Cassavetes in Crime in the Streets on October 11

Dustin Hoffman in Straight Time on October 12

Invisible Stripes starring George Raft on October 12

Louise Brooks in Val Lewton's haunting The Seventh Victim on October 13

Eddie Muller presents The Damned Don't Cry on NOIR ALLEY October 13 and 14

Spencer Tracy stars in Bad Day at Black Rock on October 14

Joan Crawford in A Woman's Face on October 22

Joan Fontaine and Robert Ryan in Born To Be Bad on October 22

Eddie Muller presents Follow Me Quietly on NOIR ALLEY October 27 and 28

Diabolique screens October 29

The Bad Seed screens October 29

Bette Davis v. Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on October 29

Bette Davis in The Nanny on October 29

Brit classic Dead of Night screens Halloween night

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